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A Call to Patriots to Stand and Support Our President – Donald Trump

Southerners For Trump

Americans, I just want to congratulate my fellow patriots for doing a great job peacefully protesting, against these unconstitutional lockdowns, against the tyrannical Governors. It is time to open this country up again.

To those that don’t understand this – best to learn this from the patriots that want to see America thrive with our liberties intact. Please don’t feel discouraged or dismissed from those who work for you (government bureaucrats) – you don’t work for them. Beware that some wish to take power under the guise of government, before the next election, and before all Americans exercise their constitutional right to vote the governance they empower. We can win this next election, or we can lose it. Now is time we need to begin to prepare for the upcoming election this fall and support those that will support our president Donald Trump.

Democrats are fighting hard and in every way they can to win in 2020. They talk against our president, our country even, and speak falsehoods on the news, and the media chooses not to set the record straight for the American people. The lies from Nancy Pelosi and her ilk, their constant mocking, ridicule, and disrespect for our president display their partisan and often anti – American agenda. Now the Congress pulled their nonsense about not bringing the Congress back in proper order in proper time to address pressing issues. Issues like keeping American small businesses from economic collapse and severe needs of our countries citizens in this time of unprecedented crisis. She’s trying to put her foot down so she can run this country by her designs and in her image, circumventing our president. We must stop her. It is time to vote her out, as her willful dishonesty and harmful actions mean she doesn’t deserve to be there any longer. Endless bills to get more money, more money, more cynical power grabs!  Does Congress even earn their salaries? Most Congressional members get ample time off, more than anybody working in the everyday world. Yet most seem to amass fortunes along with their salaries as they serve. Exactly how does that work? If only term limits could be applied to bring back our country inside its constitutional footprint.

Perhaps we must realize, only our civic engagement and a rejection of apathy, can restore what has been lost and set our country and it’s citizens on course to become great again – a call to action to redress our government and participate in anti-lockdown protests. If you can get out, it would be a fantastic help. If you can write, email, post comments on social platforms, informing political representatives, media outlets, and especially local newspapers and news stations of your point of view, that would be impacting. Use your voice and call out the injustice at the source. It is a full-time job correcting the propaganda, but if we don’t do so -who will? Time to wrestle our Republic back from those who desire to transform it.

Our President Donald Trump is doing everything he can during this Coronavirus “pandemic” to get our nation back in order. The scope of what he must be attending to is mammoth, and we no longer have the luxury of letting him lift all the weight on his strong shoulders. The president doesn’t have the time or ability to get out across the country to do Trump rallies at present. However, Trump and his team, from his office in Washington, is fervently trying to get our economy back on course. Trump is fighting Pelosi and her ruling ilk, the Democrats, and still some Never Trumpers. We need to oppose through redress/protest those who oppose America First policies but support those who wish to help our president save our great nation. Whether it’s your Senator, Congressman – all the way down, to your Governor, the mayor’s, and police officers and so forth. Do so before it is too late.

Is this what our country come to? Do we now have journalists encouraging our fellow citizens to hunt each other down selling ice cream? What has happened to constitutional individual civil rights?

Government leaders are not our bosses. We, the people of America, are the bosses – they work for us. Gather in front of your state capitals, local courthouses, parks, orderly take to the streets and protest if they don’t defend your sovereign rights – it is our Constitutional right to seek redress. Blow up phone lines to Congressional offices, do anything it takes within the law, or stage mini rallies for Trump on street corners. Where possible, go on top of the interstate bridges where you can be seen from a miles away. Show your support – Trump flags, the American flag,  wave your signs with civil and thought-provoking messages, your banners – get out there and let the world know who we support and want to be elected this election year. The other side has the cultural megaphone and media but is still only a small fraction. They feel huge because we are coming across invisible. No Matter your political affiliation, step out of the shadows and stand for Liberty and the American experience, our very way of life. There is strength in numbers, so do not be intimidated and live in fear any longer. And do not allow your silence to usher in the proverbial chains that will bind your future generations. 

It’s going to be a very, very tough election year. Many think Trump has it made. Trump has much support of the American people, but the Democrats are doing everything they can to destroy our voting rights. They want to do away with the Electoral College. They want email ballots. Email ballot opens the door to fraud and has the potential for nefarious actors to steal elections

Shall we vote by computer – is this a good idea? An 11-year-old boy on was able to hack into a replica of the Florida state election website and change voting results found there in under 10 minutes during the world’s largest yearly hacking convention, DEFCON 26, organizers of the event said. Progressive Democrats track record reveals they are comfortable with the concept,” the ends justify the means,” and they are creative. They are trying every trick to degrade election integrity. There are some legitimate reasons for absentee voting, but most Americans should take their citizenship seriously and vote in-person to ensure election integrity. Is this not the least we can do? 

I love the work many patriots are doing in support of our president and his policy platform. I urge you to keep up the hard work. This is a 24/7 job so please take the opportunity to spread the message and show your support for 45 whenever and wherever you can. Get out and talk to people. Start the discussion on the issues that matter to every American explaining the things our president is doing for our country. (Summaries here and here.) Impress upon them the dangers of voting for Democrats and Biden. If your voting for Biden, please beware you are really voting for his vice president – the health concerns of Joe Biden are of grave concern.

There is no real choice anymore – there is no moderate pro-American Democrat to choose from. Their transformative vision is one that ushers in Hate speech laws, radical second amendment limits, Universal sub-standard /rationed health care for every American, Decimation of all manufacturing base and middle class paying jobs, no borders and subsidizing any who cross into our country, Failing education for all, destruction of our military strength, Taxpayer abortion on demand up until birth, New Green Deal (TRILLIONS price tag )and on and on. American Sovereignty will be ceded to international law and, like the EU, central governance. Is this what America has come to? Do we really want our country to end up like Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, or even China?

Again thanks to all the patriots, and remember, we have the power with our vote. Every single American needs to get out and vote for Donald Trump. This is imperative, or we will lose our country. Do we want to stay hunkered down in our houses, locked up forever? Or be free citizens of America.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Bekah Lyons

A very timely article and a needed kick in the pants to become engaged. I love the passion and hope many others get ignited as reading this article did for me. Great Article.

Great information! I hope people will pass this alone to other people.


This article has me fired up…we can do this!
The enemy wants us divided!
Even a guy like me can make a small difference and join the movement!
We can have awesome strength in numbers…if we UNITE!
TRUMP 2020!


The fate of our country is still largely in our own hands.
The enemy want us to think that we are powerless to regain REAL freedom.
Propaganda and divisive language is being spread by the left on purpose by a seemingly overwhelming enemy assailing us relentlessly on all sides with the intent to drive us into deeper apathy and final submission.
Now is the time to rise up and take back our country while we still have one.

Claire Bonnafe

Great article. There is an Open up USA group on Facebook as well as Open Up (your state here) groups. Join and you will find out when they are holding peaceful protests in your area.
Keep up the good work Right Wire.