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Is America Ready to Wake Up?

Wake Up America

Overview of what has been happening in America past and present. A passionate plea to wake Americans up to protect our liberties.

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The time to WAKE UP is long overdue…but we can still make a big difference if we ACT NOW!
The enemy wants us patriots confused and paralyzed.
Take back your lives…win back our freedoms before it’s too late!
MAGA KAG 2020.
Thank you RWR!!!


We have succumbed to some mysterious power that has lulled us into apathy and even sleep.
Is this the natural weakness of humans or something more sinister? intentional? planned?
Or both?
Never stop thinking, because when you do, you only have yourself to blame.


Something fundamental changed in the 60s. There were three distinct events: The “Great Society” programs, HUD housing, and the beginning of identity politics. These three events had a very damaging effect on American unity and shared identity. The Black people were separated from the rest of the population in HUD housing, discouraged from sharing the work places with generous welfare, and further psychologically isolated by being continuously reminded of their “former slave” status. They were encouraged to distrust their fellow white American citizens in a way which hurt them much more over time then their white counterparts. They were even… Read more »