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Suspicious Lockdown Protester Feeds ‘Sacrifice the Weak’ Narrative

Reporter Trump Smears

We all know that mainstream media is quite busy spinning the Coronavirus stories. What is even more disturbing is that the media is actively creating false stories for yes clickbait, but for a political agenda as well.

Right Wire Report recently saw a report that looked rather shocking at first glance. The Daily KOS – headline reads – “Trump’s Nazification of the GOP is why there’s serious discussion of killing off the ‘unfit.'” Still, another reads from Raw Story that reads – “Tennessee anti-lockdown protester demands state ‘sacrifice the weak’ to reopen economy.” The inference is that somehow Trump-supporting conservatives want to kill off weak people to selfishly feed themselves at the expense of others.

The story comes from a Nashville, Tenn. (WZTV) report a few days ago, which shows a video featuring a protester for a few moments and a photo with a single protester standing alone showing a sign that is problematic. See here the photo:

We come back to this story as this story reeks with red flags. Is it not curious that the media was able to interview various different protesters at the rally except the protester that held the sign, and that was the feature of the article? Look a little closer at the video. The protester in question seems to be alone, not friendly with the other protesters. The protester was the only one wearing a mask, and a big one, and wore sunglasses to hide their identity. 

Looking even deeper into a recent Twitter feed with a photo of a photoshopped news reporter superimposed over the protesters, making it appear she was a reporter on the ground reporting facts. We are not the only ones questioning this story. A lot of message boards are asking the same thing – click here. It is clear that a Lefits media selected this poster from this single protester, which was not representative of the protesters.

The narrative is that conservatives are going to by force, take weak people, and sacrifice them, harkening back to pre-world war two events. In this period, the state, in fact, did precisely this. This is not what the lockdown protesters were saying at all – this is a twist of the narrative. No one is asking any individual to be forced to do anything. What they are asking for is a proper risk assessment be done and clearly communicated to ensure the cure is not worse than the disease. The current lockdowns in place are the ones forcing people to comply with state edicts. Citizens have a right to protest these edicts and seek redress. There is nothing more American than this.

If you think this is a recent phenomenon, you would be wrong. See here a story way back in 2010 that had a title that reads – “Lefty Group Tries to ‘Infiltrate’ Tea Parties with Offensive Signs – Will MSM Take the Bait?” An effort to “infiltrate” Tea Party protests to create the false impression that protesters are racists by … being racists.  James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action shows how Democratic-aligned organizations used a tactic called ‘bird-dogging’ to incite violence and chaos at Trump rallies for media consumption. A key Clinton operative is captured on camera, saying, “It doesn’t matter what the friggin’ legal and ethics people say, we need to win this mother f—er.”

Is this just another example of this? It appears to be so, though for sure to really know the shadowy world of dirty political operatives is hard to confirm 100%. Just don’t take media reports at face value. If you are in a lockdown protest, beware that there are plants ready to distorted your messages

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Bekah Lyons

Sadly,I am suspect of everything and almost everyone these days . I add this perspective , when you randomly pull up pictures /videos of reopen protests around the country recently , the only persons wearing PPE seem to be counter protesters. This was true at the event I attended in Chattanooga tn last week.


Yes its a known tactic of the left to infiltrate an opposing group or even create an organization with the opposing ideology to theirs so as to control that group and to bring that group’s ideology into disrepute.