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Hulu’s Series Mrs. America Tries to Destroy Phyllis Schlafly’s Legacy and Fails

Mrs America Phyllis Schlafly

A new Hulu series about conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly premiered recently call Mrs. America. Described by Schlafly’s daughter as an “inaccurate” series exposing Hollywood’s concerted agenda against conservative women and promoting a Leftist agenda.

Phyllis Stewart Schlafly (born Phyllis McAlpin Stewart on August 15, 1924 – September 5, 2016) was a conservative, author, and editor of 27 books on subjects as varied as family and feminism. She was a devout Catholic, held staunchly conservative social and political views, opposed feminism and abortion, and successfully campaigned against the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. See Schlafly in action articulating her explanations of her positions on an old William F. Buckley Firing Line television program:

Schlafly’s position on ERA is described here. And here is the remarkable, behind-the-scenes true account of its defeat – one that is decidedly different from the story portrayed in Mrs. America. So just what is behind this Hulu series Mrs. America?

A central theme throughout the series is the notion Schlafly was some bored, limelight seeking, not well educated, insecure intellect, with ice water running through her veins, who stumbled into opposing the feminist movement rather clueless. The series cast her as a victim of both, males in general, and the Republican Party specifically, patriarchy. There is no attempt in this, “based on a true story”, series to present her very accomplished profile and background, just the opposite is true.

Schlafly was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Washington University, received her Master’s in Political Science from Radcliffe College (for which the then all-male Harvard University was a coordinate institution), and received her J.D. from Washington University Law School. Mrs.Schlafly was married to attorney Fred Schlafly for 43 years and they raised six children together. She founded the pro-family movement in 1972 when she started her national volunteer organization called Eagle Forum. She ran for political office. Founder and creator of the monthly newsletter, The Phyllis Schlafly Report, which had a fifty-year run and created one of the largest, private mailing lists outside an official political party at the time. Schlafly would use that forum and mailing list to successfully launch and maintain a steady assault over ten years to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment. She frequently appeared on Television or on college campuses to debate her ideas. She also testified before more than 50 Congressional and State Legislative committees on constitutional, national defense, and family issues.

In the Mrs. America series, with each scene unfolding, Phyllis’s character is acted as using her feminine wilds only to advance her agenda and not only accepting but submitting to the endless portrayals in the series of misogyny. While the proponents of the ERA were acting as edgy, brave, superior, and advanced thinkers, standing on the right side of history. The women who stand with Schlafly are all washed in the same brush of ignorance, blissful, “Stepford” housewives colors whose activism is more like a gathering of a mundane book club, than meaningful, and passionate focus to effect positive change. They are presented as merely protecting those who oppress them, the patriarchy. One can almost hear the subtext, “forgive them, father, for they know not what they do.” Juxtaposed to the ERA supporters who were righteous and know what is best for all women, if only “those other women” would just sit down, shut up, and obey!

The writer cleverly sets up side by side scenes of the ERA crew championing the first black American woman running to be the Democrat nominee for president, Shirley Chisholm, while “STOP the ERA” ladies entertain a Louisiana female speaker using the word Negro. There was no inference but a blatant racial swipe. Right Wire Report looked for a source to show this so-called speaker at an event held by “STOP the ERA” and could not locate it. But in the era of this political fight the word Negro was not uncommon and even used by sitting elected officials at the time.

First off,  notice the snarky title of Mrs. America. The title is to trigger conservatives to watch, thinking they were going to watch one of their past heroines in action. In reality, they would get a big surprise once they start to watch the series. Once one starts to watch, the series tries to besmirch the name of Schlafly, and mock the Conservative movement, in order to rewrite history to a different narrative.

Canadian, Dahvi Waller, the creator, and the series producers, show us what their objectives are. Waller’s interest in this show goes way back to being a baby. Her dad is a political scientist, and she grew up learning about America’s politics and government. She became really interested in doing a series that centered on women. Phyllis Schlafly and her campaign against the Equal Rights Amendment was a real anti-hero. Waller thought that’s this would be a great jumping-off point for creating a series.” I just really fell in love with that.” Look at the series trailer, and it tells you everything one needs to know:

In the trailer, the first dig towards conservatives starts at the beginning. Actor Cate Blanchett plays Schlafly and makes a snide reference to “tea baggers,” a veiled reference to the conservative Tea Party movement. It then moves through various Schlafly cliche arguments and ridicules them. All the while, slamming her personal life in an effort to discredit Schlafly. Featuring heavily in the series is the fabricated conflict in her family with her husband. Ending with a Trump campaign slogan of, “Taking Our Country Back,” while cocking a gun. Of importance to the series, the first thing presented in the byline is the following:

“This program is based on actual events that occurred during the political struggle and debate over the Equal Rights Amendment. Some characters in the program are fictional, and some scenes and dialogue are invented for creative and storyline purposes.”

The maker purposefully excluded Schlafly’s family from production. The show’s writer Dahvi Waller said she did not wish to hear any first-person accounts of Schlafly because “she wanted to craft her own story.” Or should we say, rewrite history to get you to believe a Leftist narrative in Waller’s own image.

But let’s listen to an actual family member on their take of the series. Anne Schlafly Cori discusses her mother: Phyllis Schlafly and the new Hulu series Mrs. America on the Sandy Rios in the Morning show via American Family Radio. Listen to the podcast below: 


Right Wire Report did take the time to watch the first four episodes of the five-part series completing the first-year season. It was nauseating to watch, but let us take a look at all the series distortion to build the Leftist narrative. 

In the script’s first scene, episode one, the camera opens on Phyllis on a runway in a two-piece bathing suit at a political GOP fundraiser fashion show with a majority of men in the audience. There is the cutaway to a gaggle of Republican women wearing patriotic-themed clothing whose dialogue is vanity driven, “How do my boobs look in this.” Hardly subtle, the starting gate of the series is to set the tone Conservative women to allow themselves to be objectified and oppressed by men and Liberal women are warriors to set women free from this paradigm. As if, in the 1970s. one could not find a Democrat fundraising fashion show, bathing suit even, staring “liberated” women proud of their bodies raising funds for their political agendas.

Hint Fashion shows were a thing in the seventies for fundraising vehicles. Later on in episode one, The Gloria Steinem character throws a free love party to promote her magazine and raise capital, where women openly are enjoying male sexual attention, in fact, glorifying in it even.  The politician who conducted the fundraiser was heard inviting Phyllis to appear on his TV talk show. Once there, the setup was the producer, staff, and the politician host, speak to her with condescending statements – leaving the viewer to suggest she was using her attractiveness or sex to win favor.

However, when the taping goes live, Phyllis shines talking in-depth about the SALT agreement, nuclear arms control, and National Security. This prompts the politician to invite her to DC to meet then-Senator Barry Goldwater as Phyllis is thinking of running for congress again – she had lost the first time around. This presented the opportunity for several swipes throughout the episode that she had lost because she was a woman. Suddenly, we see Schlafy walking towards the Capitol steps, awestruck through the ERA sign-carrying “woke” American women appearing not the least bit interested in their message. She is fixated on being at the Capitol and meeting with the Senator only to have that scene show her demoralized and relegated to transcribing meeting notes by the male politicians in the room. The GOP men depicted as hypocritical moralists, God-fearing, misogynists. What was the source for that scene Right Wire Report wonders …

Next, Phyllis returns home from the D.C. trip only to find her wealthy lawyer husband, not a happy camper, and the exchange is to set up the theme that her marriage was strained by her gallivanting around traveling and pie in the sky aspirations to become more politically involved. The series even has a scene where she questions her husband directly if he ever believed she could win the race the first time she ran -and he trails off with that look on his face that says Nope. However, in real life, there is no evidence that was true and witness testimonials it was not accurate at all. By all accounts, Fred Schlafly, was immensely proud and supportive of Phyllis’s political pursuits even funding them. 

The most disturbing seen in the premiere and, the one the family has been most vocal about, shows Phyllis returning late from D.C. in the evening tired and feeling stale. The camera trains on the husband, approaching to connect at the end of a day, by kissing her on the neck from behind next to the bed. Phyllis indicates that she was tired and had been in the dress all day long. The husband says, “let’s get you out of that dress then.” The viewer then sees him unzip her out of her dress and she lays down on her back in the bed lifting her own skirt. Her husband proceeds to satisfy himself with no opposition from Phyllis. The camera pans to her face where the script calls for her to look slightly tense and bored. In the very next scene, she is seated at a vanity table in her bathroom staring and taking off makeup looking pensive.

The clear indication is she had no choice but to submit in some bizarre spousal rape. Of course, this was pure cinema, meant to degrade her spousal relationship. The irony of Liberal feminists using sex to degrade another woman as a weapon against those who oppose their agenda is thick and not lost on the Right Wire Report. Leftists exhibit this level of cognitive dissonance often, like when, they participate and or excuse, homophobic slurs as jokes but claim to advocate against the right they claim are homophobic.

In case there is any doubt how the left is incapable of covering Conservative women much less produce a series about one, just read the agenda spelled out in their own hand, by those who claimed to be reviewing the series. Again, this reading made female Right Wire Report writer’s tummy pitch and churn, and the word offensive fall way too short. Behold an episode one recap by Vulture magazine who appears obsessively concerned that Phyllis not be held up as a heroine.

Thankfully, Blanchett and the makers of this FX on Hulu series, including creator and showrunner Dahvi Waller, who previously wrote for Mad Men and Halt and Catch Fire, haven’t elevated Schlafly into an anti-heroine whom the audience feels for despite her obvious flaws. Instead, Schlafly comes across as a complex, ambitious figure with a limited worldview and no awareness of that worldview’s limits, nor curiosity about widening it further. To put it more bluntly: She’s the worst kind of white woman.

Get it?  Phyllis Schlafly is too stupid to help herself much fewer women so you cannot hold her up as a role model. The series does allow for a few of Phyllis’s speeches but they are followed up by a straw man statement meant to degrade the content of them. After all, how could a pea-brained housewife know the Constitution, much less the law? One of this Right Wire Report writer’s favorite scenes is following a segment on Phil Donahue’s show where Phyllis is asked by him if she knew what she had said up there on that stage was not true? The script carved out one sentence the real Schafly stated on that show but did not include what came before or after, a well known leftist tactic. Mrs. Schafly’s point was the ERA amendment as legislatively written would open the door to a slippery slope where leftist would push to change the definition of the nuclear family, marriage, push to abolish the differences between genders, demand women serve in the military have same-sex bathrooms and promote transgender rights over traditional ones. Wow, that was prescient!

The series continues for one more episode yet to air. The general theme of pure degradation of Phyllis and conservative women is not a new one for the left. Recent examples involving  Sarah Palin, Huckabee-Sanders, and Kelly Ann Conway are evident. But this disgusting treatment mostly by women against women has been ongoing for decades for Conservative females. Much like the “Uncle Tom” label of Black Conservatives, Female Conservatives are attacked for their looks, intellect, and accused of submission to their male overlords. The horrific sexist and bigoted labels are too numerous to list but you can read about them to refresh your memories.

The series was so painful to watch we had to stop here. The calculation was that the story was so inaccurate there was no point in watching further.

Schlafly was no doubt a divisive (indeed, hated) woman in America in the 1970s – much like President Trump (who attended Phyllis’s funeral in 2016) is today. Now that she is gone, feminists are exacting their revenge. Mrs. America may have a few historical facts, but the caricature of Schlafly is pure propaganda. Now that Phyllis is dead, as is her husband, feminists can rewrite history to satisfy their own agenda. There is one blinking light honest depiction in the series about those who supported the ERA. The creator of this series makes no attempt to hide those who represent the champions of the EPA central goal and focus – ABORTION!

Leftists talk about diversity, but they never want a diversity of ideas. And if you disagree with their totalitarian viewpoint, then you must be a bad person. The narrative goes after and demonizes Phyllis Schlafly – a favorite whipping horse in the past, see example here. Now they’re going after any woman who doesn’t toe the feminist line.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Thank you for enduring until the end of the fourth episode! What an inspiring, accomplished woman who remained feminine and elegant while championing a great cause during those rebellious and wild decades. Yes, the whole feminist push for total equality came with the great cost of abortion. And this helps us understand what great opposition Schlafly was up against. I feel all the more connected to her since I was working with a US conservative group in the ’80s which had the honor of Phylliis Schlafly’s presence at their center where she gave a speech and dined. Thank you so… Read more »