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Trump Slow to Respond to Coronavirus? Really? Nonsense!

Donald Trump Coronavirus Task Forice

It is troubling to see how quickly disinformation about the government’s response to the Coronavirus has spread. Democrats and the mainstream media have willingly spread false information in the hopes of damaging Trump. Most of these lies were quickly debunked, but that hasn’t stopped the flow of fake news. See here Top 10 Lies About President Trump’s Response to the Coronavirus, then watch a heated discussion( warning some profanity)  at Right Wire Report in our 24/7 chat room on whether Trump’s response to Coronavirus was slow. Let’s take a closer look at the timeline – watch audio-video below.

For a complete timeline of Trump Administrative actions om Coronavirus see here .

Correction: WHO President is from Ethiopia not Indonesia as stated on audio.

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Bekah Lyons

This conversation is playing out between social media peeps, family members , co workers , across this country everyday. It scares me to my core how many people still do not know basic facts.

What is wrong with people? Why do people not want the truth? President Trump has done everything to protect the American people. I will be voting for President Trump in 2020! Wake up people!