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Instructional Video (Watch), Children to Correct Parents’ Coronavirus Talk Labeled as “Conspiracy Theories”

Instruction of kids

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) felt it was paramount to produce an instructional video for children on how to shut down their parent’s wild conspiracies on Coronavirus. The piece is titled, “Is uncle Bob spreading COVID-19 misinformation in the family group chat? This doesn’t have to be awkward. “The reporter suggests that conspiracy theories can be “just as dangerous as a virus.” Right Wire Report suggests taking a captive audience of malleable young minds and encouraging them to shut down their parent’s influence upon them is what is dangerous indoctrination.

Setup as an attempt to combat misinformation online, the report takes the position that any discussion on how the virus originated, other than naturally in the wet market, is a conspiracy, and this position is proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Stunningly, this is against a backdrop of reports from government sources now claiming a high degree of confidence the virus origins are the level four Bio Laboratory in Wuhan China – read about that latest information here.

Behold the indoctrination:


Do the media feel compelled to censor parents for their kids? Could the fact that Canada is heavily invested in China’s Belt Road Initiative, has intertwining close ties with the World Health Organization and the European Union, have any impact on the national media, Liberal CBC’s call to action? Could United States media outlets touting the same be a coincidence? Dare Right Wire Report be called out for spreading conspiracies, but there does appear to be a concerted effort by Western media outlets to protect any negative information about China’s handling of this virus to be reported – click here.

The message is clear. Any narrative other than that promoted by media is WRONG and a CONSPIRACY! But how can that really be true? It would take an enormous amount of time and effort to coordinate media platforms to such a degree that one effectively controlled the narrative on any issue. Why would any entity choose to create such a paradigm, and to what ends? 

Right Wire Report leaves you with this newly released, independent movie to consider: 

The hourglass is running thin on sand, and waking up to what is right in front of you needs to happen NOW!

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Good information.


The Canadian news article seeks to invert the natural, organic heirarchy in the family by emboldening children to think they know better than their uncle or even parents.
This inversion is one of the main ploys of the marxists to undermine the natural nuclear family and extended family.
This was done in Pol Pot’s Cambodia where the children passed judgement over those who were older…even their own parents.
This is also done in communist countries generally where people are encouraged to report eachother to the state.