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Joe Biden: “Coronavirus has Helped Me” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden Corona

Democratic Presidential leading candidate Joe Biden said Wednesday that the Coronavirus has ‘helped’ his campaign on a recent ABC program.

When asked if the virus spread had hurt his campaign, Biden said, “Based on the polling data, it’s helped me.” He went on to say, “The more he speaks, the more my numbers go up.” “I’m not being facetious,” Biden added. Check out a short clip here:

Yes, Joe, we get it, you are not being facetious. In this short clip, it shows where Joe Biden’s heart is – 120% partisan politics. His immediate reaction was not about national unity and Coronavirus victims, or the hardships our country is going through. Biden’s concern is merely to leverage the Coronavirus situation to gain political power.

I am sure in hindsight Joe may regret his choice of words. Or perhaps you can make more excuses for Joe – just another flub. The Coronavirus crisis is not even over and the Democrats are already showing their hands – to exploit the Coronavirus politically to its fullest extent. Get ready for the onslaught …

 RWR original article syndication source.

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