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Newsweek Magazine Megaphones Top-Secret Plan to Foment Panic and Fear

Wow! Right Wire Report is shocked. Psych! Media putting our leaders and government at risk along with citizens, by telegraphing our battle plans is not news anymore. It is the standard operating procedure.

Newsweek Magazine – has a scoop, and they cannot wait to tell you about it. Read here Exclusive: Inside the Military’s Top Secret Plans if Coronovirus Cripples The Government, By William M. Arkin. Gosh Darn Mr. Arkin, Russia, China, and Iran, not to mention a host of rogue actors, thank you kindly for the actionable intelligence.

Arkin provides stunning details, complete with action plans, locations, and code names. Now, Right Wire Report, has no clue if the sources speaking on condition of anonymity are giving accurate classified information to a reporter or if Arkin’s goal was to foment panic and fear among the population ceding suspicion and distrust in military actions during this crisis unfolding. Perhaps it is both. One thing is certain; all citizens who are sovereign constitutionalists already who are banging the drum that governments, local and federal, are exceeding their roles and bordering on tyranny – just got further triggered. Is that your goal Mr. Arkin?

Newsweek Magazine excerpt:

“According to new documents and interviews with military experts, the various plans – codenamed Octagon, Freejack, and Zodiac – are the underground laws to ensure government continuity. They are so secret that under these extraordinary plans, ‘devolution’ could circumvent the normal Constitutional provisions for government succession, and military commanders could be placed in control around America. But Coronavirus is also new territory, where the military itself is vulnerable and the disaster scenarios being contemplated – including the possibility of widespread domestic violence as a result of food shortages – are forcing planners to look at what are called “extraordinary circumstances.”

Yeah, no stroking panic and fears there. Can one imagine what sovereign militia movements in our country think when they read this article?

Newsweek Magazine excerpt:

“Mission essential in this regard applies to the maze of more than a dozen different secret assignments, most of them falling under three larger contingency plans:

      • CONPLAN 3400, or the military’s plan for ‘homeland defense,’ if America itself is a battlefield.
      • CONPLAN 3500, ‘defense support of civil authorities,’ where the military assists in an emergency short of armed attack on the nation.
      • CONPLAN 3600, military operations in the National Capital Region and continuation of government, under which the most-secret plans to support continuity are nested.

“All of these plans are the responsibility of U.S. Northern Command (or NORTHCOM), the homeland defense military authority created after 9/11. Air Force General O’Shaughnessy is NORTHCOM’s Colorado Springs-based commander. On February 1, Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper signed orders directing NORTHCOM to execute nationwide pandemic plans. Secretly, he signed Warning Orders (the WARNORD as it’s called) alerting NORTHCOM and a host of east coast units to ‘prepare to deploy’ in support of potential extraordinary missions.”

“Seven secret plans – some highly compartmented – exist to prepare for these extraordinary missions. Three are transportation-related, just to move and support the White House and the federal government as it evacuates and operates from alternate sites. The first is called the Rescue & Evacuation of the Occupants of the Executive Mansion (or RESEM) plan, responsible for protecting President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and their families–whether that means moving them at the direction of the Secret Service or, in a catastrophe, digging them out of the rubble of the White House.”

Last time we looked, it was illegal to disclose classified information, especially that which directly impacts national security – Title 18 of the U.S. Code, Section 798. Doing so here, if accurate, places our President and Vice President and their families in direct harm’s way. There is a reason this specific and critical planning is Top Secret!

Newsweek Magazine excerpt:

“The three most compartmented contingencies – Octagon, Freejack, and Zodiac – call upon various military units in Washington DC, North Carolina, and eastern Maryland to defend government operations if there is a total breakdown. The seventh plan – codenamed Granite Shadow – lays out the playbook for extraordinary domestic missions that involve weapons of mass destruction. (I disclosed the existence of this plan in 2005, and its associated “national mission force” – a force that is on alert at all times, even in peacetime, to respond to a terrorist attack or threat with the nuclear weapon.) According to another senior retired officer, who told me about Granite Shadow and is now working as a defense contractor, the national mission force goes out on its missions with ‘special authorities’ pre-delegated by the president and the attorney general. These special authorities are needed because under regulations and the law; federal military forces can supplant civil authority or engage in law enforcement only under the strictest conditions.”

When might the military’s ’emergency authority’ be needed? Traditionally, it’s thought of after a nuclear device goes off in an American city. But now, planners are looking at military response to urban violence as people seek protection and fight over food. And, according to one senior officer, in the contingency of the complete evacuation of Washington.”

“Under Defense department regulations, military commanders are authorized to take action on their own – in extraordinary circumstances – where ‘duly constituted local authorities are unable to control the situation.’ The conditions include ‘large-scale, unexpected civil disturbances’ involving ‘significant loss of life or wanton destruction of property.’ The Joint Chiefs of Staff codified these rules in October 2018, reminding commanders that they could decide, on their own authority, to ‘engage temporarily’ in military control in circumstances ‘where prior authorization by the President is impossible’ or where local authorities ‘are unable to control the situation.’ A new Trump-era Pentagon directive calls it ‘extreme situations.’ In all cases, even where a military commander declares martial law, the directives say that civil rule has to be restored as soon as possible.”

Right Wire Report stance is if the article is factual, laws have been broken, and considerable damage has been done to the effectiveness of that planning designed to keep our country sovereign and citizens safe. If it is inaccurate, then it is the single most irresponsible reporting to date that will only serve to heighten panic and flame tensions in certain factions during this unprecedented crisis. Do yourself a favor and read the Newsweek Magazine article in full. It is far better to know your enemy before they stand across from you on the battlefield.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Why are Democrats such scum?

M. Hammer

“NOISE-Week stopped being a NEWS magazine years ago.

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Gee, William Barr said today that Habeas Corpus can be suspended in a national emergency as defined by the executive branch. But watch out for NEWSWEEK?

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Let’s stop with the pretense. Let’s start calling Democrats what they really are. Socialist/ Marxists.