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Greta Thunberg Supporters do a Jussie Smollett – Sexualized Stickers?

Greta Thunberg Sticker Censored

The HuffingtonPost headline reads, Disgusting Sticker Of ‘Greta Thunberg’ Linked To Alberta Oil Company Shocks Canadians. The Canadian House of Commons unanimously adopted a motion condemning the Sticker. The apparent reference here is that those evil climate change deniers will stop at anything to push their horrible narrative. Even Greta Thunberg or a least her handlers on Twitter, jumped on board this narrative too:

The caption read on the Thunberg Twitter account says, “They are starting to get more and more desperate… This shows that we’re winning.” Our thoughts turn to what is going on here and just who are “they” that Thunberg is referring to? 

The author of the HuffingtonPost article, Samantha Beattie suggests that the Sticker could have been sanctioned by the people shown on the Sticker, X-Site Energy Services. Beattie interviews a Michelle Narang who suggest that the Sticker came from X-Site Energy Services. Narang states, “It’s sad to me (the Sticker) went through a supply chain of people, who thought about it, printed it and distributed it. It blows my mind anyone would think it’s funny.” How does she know that? Beattie cites no sources and does not challenge this assertion.

Sparrow the executive for X-Site Energy Services did not respond to HuffingtonPost’s requests for comment, but he told City News Edmonton Thursday that neither X-Site Energy Services nor any X-Site Energy Services employee, was involved in making the sticker. Velocity, a printing company in Red Deer, has been accused of printing the Stickers. A representative told HuffPost that while X-Site was a previous client, its work history shows Velocity did not print this order. So, where is the source?

The Sticker shows a drawing of the back of a nude female and two hands pulling from behind on her braided hair. The word “Greta” is written across her lower back. If you must see the Sticker, you will need to go to another site to see it as we won’t reprint it here. Just a novice look at the image, a couple of things should be said. Though the word Greta is on the image, there is no direct link to Greta Thunberg – the name Greta is not unique. The X-Site Energy Services logo has been clearly superimposed on the image. This Sticker clearly was not meant for professional publication as the artwork is poor. Put together however, it is clear that the final author (could be two unrelated authors) of the image is trying to portray.

RCMP have investigated the image and determined it is not considered child pornography. “According to our experts, the image does not meet the criteria for it to constitute a criminal offense,” an officer from the Red Deer detachment told the HuffingtonPost

To be clear, the Right Wire Report in no way condones this type of imagery in the course of civil debate. Furthermore, if the intent of the Stiker’s author is to suggest child pornography, it should be disavowed and condemned in the strictest sense.

Sorry but this story smells. None of the actors in this story (at least as of this posting) have gotten to the real source of the Sticker. How do we know that this is just another hoax to smear those that they are politically opposed to? Is this another case like Jussie Smollett at hand? We don’t know at this time, and neither do they – or maybe they do. So what is all this talk about, “They are starting to get more and more desperate…” But a brilliant play – jump on the story and smear and make it a national story – climate change deniers are really bad people. Get it?

These kinds of emotive stories do nothing for the climate change debate in terms of actual science. We may later find that the HuffingtonPost story to be true. There are wackos on both sides of the debate. We will, for sure, hear more if the story turns this way. If not, the story did its job, and we move on. To spew this kind of story without any substantive facts is the weaponization of the news for political expediency – Fake News. 

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