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The View’s Joy Behar Praises White Nationalist Richard Spencer, Because He Disavowed Trump

Joy Behar

Host Joy Behar of ABC’s daytime talk show, “The View” praised white nationalist Richard Spencer after he disavowed his support for President Trump.

Richard Spencer (born 1978) is an American neo-Nazi and white supremacist who is most notable for his activism on behalf of the alt-right movement in 2016 and 2017. Spencer openly embraces the term “white supremacist” and calls for imperialism and the subjugation of other races. He opposes European ethnonationalism, ridicules the existence of “hobbit states” such as Poland and Hungary, and calls for the reconstitution of the European Union into a “white racial empire,” which he believes will resemble the Roman Empire.

So even a neo-Nazi is better than Trump, according to the leftists on “The View.” Here she is in all her Joy. Roll the video or click here.

One can not make this stuff up. The hatred for our president seems to know no bounds. Clearly Trump Derangement Syndrome on full display. I suppose Joy has the money to seek excellent quality professional help.

Notice that Joy said this is “good news.” Evidently Joy believes all (or even most) Trump supporters support the views of Richard Spencer. Somehow Joy believes that Trump supporters got a “gotcha” moment – Trump supporters will be shocked and disappointed that Richard Spencer a man revered by Trump supporters, no longer supports Trump.

A bit of breaking news to Joy. Probably most Trump supporters never even heard of the man and much less would support his views. In fact, if you care to really investigate Richard Spencer, he has many leftists views – click here. Perhaps the reason Joy is so giddy over Richard Spencer is that he is nearer and dearer to herself than any Trump supporter.

Why do we even bother listening to these TV personalities anyway? Ouff …  🙁

RFSO original article syndication source.

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Funny. The only reason this freak of a man has “disavowed” trump is because Trump isn’t a white supremacist nut case like he is. So basically this ding bat chick complemented the President and admits that Trump is one a-okay dude who doesn’t associate with or have any use for weirdos on European conquest fantasy trips.
These broads on this show are so lame. People must be really bored and depressed in life if they watch these talking heads for entertainment.


I call this a “two fer;” Joy Blowhard exposes her hypocrisy, embracing an American neo-Nazi and white supremacist while distinguishing a white supremacist from President Trump. Viewers on the left must have choked on their bagels on that one; they try so hard to link Trump with white supremacy at every opportunity.


Spencer may be a white nationalist, but he certainly is not a supremacist. He never made the claim that white Europeans are or should be supreme over others. That kind of talk is coming solely from nonwhites or other groups of people who claim they have been chosen to be supreme over others.



The real name of this stupid program should have the acronym above in front of the word view! Honestly, you can’t make this garbage up. Projection at it’s finest repeated time and again only cement the notion these woman are mentally incapable of rational thought.


I don’t listen to these buffoons LMAO she loves him because she thinks just like him. And all she cares about is that he hates President Trump that’s it.


Do your research. Richard Spencer is not a White Nationalist.