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Democrat Amy Klobuchar ready to soar, a Joe Biden Plan B?

Amy Klobuchar

Watching the rise and fall of political fortunes of the Democratic 2020 presidential candidates has been quite amusing. It seems as if every candidate gets a shot at media attention. The latest is Amy Klobuchar.

Who is Amy Klobuchar? She’s younger at 59. A woman – check the inclusiveness box. She doesn’t have the specific baggage of having supported the Iraq War. She doesn’t have the specific baggage of Hunter Biden. Her policy ideas are broadly continuous with Barack Obama’s, just like Biden’s, and her pitch is electability, just like Biden’s. But unlike Biden, she has a record of winning landslide elections in a Midwestern state. Midwestern states will be key battleground states for the 2020 presidential election.

Amy Klobuchar has been lingering around at the bottom of the pack in the polls, though getting enough support to stay in the debates:

2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination CNN Biden 26, Sanders 20, Warren 16, Buttigieg 8, Bloomberg 5, Klobuchar 3, Yang 3, Booker 3, Gabbard 1, Steyer 1, Castro 2, Bennet 0, Delaney 1

Is it not funny that somehow at the last Democratic debates Amy Klobuchar got the most floor time. Hmmm … If you want to know what the Democrats are doing, just Google various topics and our handlers will tell us what is on their minds. So let’s see what we come up with on an “Amy Klobuchar” search:

ABC News – Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., will be taking on one of the most ambitious Iowa visits of the election cycle Friday when she launches a three-day 27-county bus tour through the Hawkeye state.

Vox – Amy Klobuchar deserves a closer look from electability-minded Democrats. A candidate with a history of winning – big – in the Midwest.

The Daily Beast – Amy Klobuchar seizes her debate moment, crushes it. Klobuchar stole the show.

Boston Globe – Amy Klobuchar’s big night on the Democratic presidential debate stage.

Politico – Klobuchar busts out. The Minnesota senator has gotten better in each of the debates, and Thursday’s was her best yet.

The Washington Post – Focus more on Amy Klobuchar.

New Republic – Does Amy Klobuchar have a path to the nomination?

The Hill – Klobuchar raises more than $1M in online donations since the debate.

Forbes – Here are the billionaires backing Amy Klobuchar’s presidential campaign.

CBS News – This week on “Face the Nation,” December 22, 2019, features Amy Klobuchar.

All of a sudden, Amy Klobuchar is getting a bit of a buzz. So what’s going on here?

First, we have the Trump impeachment. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is attempting to manipulate the Senate trial with a pocket impeachment. Some think she will sit on it forever. Others say she is trying to get concessions from the Senate to get an impeachment trial more skewed to the Democratic viewpoint. Here is the Pelosi problem. The Progressives in the Democratic party want to get going with the Senate impeachment trial without any Senate concessions for Pelosi. Why?

Everyone knows that Trump most likely will not get removed in the Senate impeachment trial process. What the Progressives want, is for the Republicans to smack down Joe Biden with what everyone knows is his corruption in Ukraine. This would boost the Progressive candidates Bernie Sanders and/or Elizabeth Warren.

If Joe Biden gets thrown under the bus in a Senate impeachment trial, where does this leave the mainstream Democrats? What is their plan, B? Bloomberg? Bloomberg is too old and part of the 1% that won’t energize Democrats. Buttigieg? Is the country ready for an LGBTQ candidate? Looking at the remaining candidates, who’s left? Center stage on cue walks in Amy Klobuchar.

Of course, this is all calculated speculation, and we shall need to watch and see. Who the Democrats put up as a candidate may, in the end, it may be a moot point, as Trump is still polling strong. But we must remain diligent and take anything for granted – stay active!

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