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Impeachment the Shiny Object, while Media ignores Bigger Stories

Shiny Object

Regardless of your opinions on the impeachment of President Trump, the Media have done Americans a great disservice by playing into partisanship of impeachment, by not covering the actual issues that are so much more important in the long run.

While many in America go about the cares of the day, asleep to what government is doing on our behalf, the Media must produce the shiny object to attract a sleeping electorate in what some call the Shiny Object Syndrome. The Shiny Object Syndrome states that you need to keep people on their edge of the seat with ever-increasing shiny minutia of titillating emotive conflict – jumping from one to the other  – anything more complicated is not that interesting. Impeachment serves this purpose.

While media is so blindly focused on impeachment, there are other issues that Media will not reach. Not an exclusive list, but be here are four very important recent items that flew by the radar virtually unseen:

  • Government spying on us – the Patriot Act. The most egregious violation of the 4th amendment to ever grace the halls of Congress, was extended. This unconstitutional act allows the government to spy on its own citizens for fear of terror when in fact the authoritarian nanny state is the one who should be feared.

  • Government currency debasement – $1.4 TRILLION dollar budget was passed, which will increase the national debt by $3.6 TRILLION over the next 5 years. Though the rate of currency debasement is coming down under the Trump administration, America will at some point in time need to get serious and tackle the embed budgetary entitlement reforms needed, with the goal of balancing the national budget.

  • Government manipulating us – The Inspector General Report was released showing the FBI made 17 crucial errors regarding the investigation into Trump calling them either grossly incompetent or politically motivated. Whether this directly affects the impeachment process will be left to debate. But the FBI being called incompetent should be extremely concerning to ALL Americans.

  • Government lying to us – the Afghanistan papers, coupled with Pelosi’s recent blunder, proved that the American government lied us into the wars in the middle east. The wars that we are still fighting to this day, spending trillions of dollars, sacrificing countless American soldier’s lives, and killing countless innocent people within those countries.

Notice the operative word: government. Specifically what the government is doing to us with virtually no Media or public scrutiny. The term Fourth Estate or fourth power refers to the press and news media both in the explicit capacity of advocacy and implicit ability to frame political issues. Though it is not formally recognized as a part of a political system, it wields significant indirect social influence. The point here is that conservatives tend to want “smaller” government – why? Because not only does a smaller government provide for more individual liberties, it can reduce the nefarious activities a government might do – even if it thinks it is doing these activities for the “benefit” of the people.

Are these four issues important to you? They should be, they will affect you. The American people need to be informed of the incompetence of our government and understand the failings of the Media, then take action to defend our liberties against this.

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The only issue I have with this article is what was said about Afghanistan and Iraq! Since when is it wrong to take the war to the enemies ground? Better there than here!

Liam Salvatore

Shiny objects indeed! The media’s very proficient at creating diversion for the enforcement arm of their social narrative, the democrat party. Great article!


All those traitors in the media will liable for treason just like those in the house !