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Democratic 6th debate winner? The moving background GIF – CLICKBAIT WARNING

Democrat Debate Background

Viewers identify the  “Clear Loser” (or “Clear Winner”) of the Democratic 6th Debate, “The Moving Background.”

Viewers of Thursday (December 19, 2019) night’s 6th Democratic debate quickly identified one clear loser: the moving background on the stage. People hit Twitter to vent frustrations over the moving words on the screen, which some called a “distraction” from the seven presidential candidates on stage at the Los Angeles event. Others complained of “nausea” and “vertigo.”

Seven candidates qualified for the final debate of the year ― former Vice President Joe Biden; South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg; entrepreneur Andrew Yang; billionaire activist Tom Steyer; and Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) and Amy Klobuchar (Minn.).

Joe Biden – kept his mouth shut not to do another gaff.

Pete Buttigieg – “I am a mayor from a small town.”

Andrew Yang – “I know AI.”

Tom Steyer – “Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

Bernie Sanders – “Americans are not just the 1%.”

Elizabeth Warren – “I have a plan.”

Amy Klobuchar – “I am from the Midwest.”

If you are looking for a more detailed Democrat biased report – see Axios. Here is Politico’s, one of the hosts of the debate, analysis. But you won’t get much new information than we already knew. This debate will change little. The following is the recent polls as of the date of this posting:

2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination CNN Biden 26, Sanders 20, Warren 16, Buttigieg 8, Bloomberg 5, Klobuchar 3, Yang 3, Booker 3, Gabbard 1, Steyer 1, Castro 2, Bennet 0, Delaney 1

Joe Biden still is leading the pack as the default, “none of the above,” candidate. Some believe that we are heading for a brokered convention, so the real candidate may yet be known. The Democratic establish will decide for the Democratic voters – but I suppose they need to go through a primary and debate process to give at least some semblance of a “democratic” process. We shall watch and see where all this goes.

Just as a footnote on the moving background GIF, notice that Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden color-coded her jacket and his tie – the rest were off-color.

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The reason for the moving back ground was to exactly distract! Some people might even say it had subliminal messages. Lol