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Democrats: Trump defense “is a crime in progress,” but not ours? Let’s compare.

ABC this Week Schiff Nadler

Axios – House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) said on ABC’s “This Week” that Rudy Giuliani’s recent trip to Ukraine to dig up more dirt on the Bidens is “a crime in progress.

They were claiming that it underscores the argument that President Trump’s conduct poses an ongoing “threat to election integrity.” Schiff goes on to say, “This misconduct goes on. The threat to our election’s integrity coming up goes on. It’s a clear and present danger, I think, to our democracy.” You can see the video here.

So let’s get this straight. The Democrats have put the whole country through a three year Mueller investigation and now an ongoing impeachment process against a duly elected president. But Trump can not do his own investigation? What kind of justice is this?

So let’s flip this around. If Trump can’t send his attorney Rudy Giuliani to investigate and defend himself, why can the Democrat send their own investigators to attack? And the Democrats did.

The Epoch Times – During a weeklong trip to Ukraine in late August, a staff member for Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) met with the top U.S. envoy in Kyiv, who is now a key witness in the House Democrat-run impeachment inquiry. Thomas Eager traveled to Ukraine from Aug. 24 to 31 and met with Chargé d’Affaires William Taylor on Aug. 25, according to a travel disclosure form (pdf) filed with the House of Representatives. Another report from Red State – Schiff’s staffer traveled to Ukraine on a trip was paid for by a group funded by Hunter Biden’s old firm.

This reeks of hypocrisy. The only “crime in progress” we see is the injustice of a purely political attack turned into a sham impeachment process. Furthermore, the real people that need to be investigated are the Democrats.

Politifact – is a left-leaning anti-Trump biased blog, who claims credibility by judging others, with their famous “Pants on Fire” ratings. In a recent rating, they claimed a, “Pants on Fire rating, citing that Adam Schiff was under investigation for Burisma ties.” was false. One America News (OAN), a pro-Trump cable news upstart, posted a story with a powerful headline, “Adam Schiff Under Investigation for Ukrainian Burisma Oil Connection.” See here OAN’s report from Nov. 30.

But when reading Politifact’s rationale for their “Pants on Fire” rating and viewing the OAN report, Politifact failed even to address the issues OAN raised. Specifically, that Schiff worked together in fundraisers with the Ukrainians on behalf of Schiff. Is this not a quid-pro-quo? Instead, they try to bit slice the notion of campaign donations and receiving investment income. Ummm excuse me, it has been a long understood mechanism for politicians to take cash not directly, rather investing in a company and then receive investment income for their political influence. In any case, this needs investigation. It has the smell of corruption.

We would give Politifact a “Pants on Fire” rating for their “Pants on Fire” rating. Is it not amazing how everything Democrats accuse Trump of doing, they do themselves – multiplied by 10 – they call this Projection.

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Marilyn Renee

Schiff is suffering histrionic meltdown. He needs a rubber room.

Brenda Holmes

What bothers me the most is the Democrats just close the book on burisma and Biden connection and haunt president Trump with insidious pondering and pandering of Trump supposed quid pro quo. It’s almost like they are trying to jump on Trump before anything is leaked on them. Go guiliani. Investigate.