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Trump supporter heartfelt call to action – episode 2 (AUDIO Updated)

Standwith Trump

Sitting Doing Nothing, Watching Your Freedoms Taken? Ready To Take Action? Join The Strike Force Team NOW!

This has been the rallying call for Real Free Speech One, to get people active in support of Conservatives and our president Donald J. Trump. We have been seeing it for the past three years. First, through the constant FAKE NEWS media, to tear down the Deporables and try to delegitimize the duly elected president. And now through an impeachment inquiry process that can be described as nothing less than a sham.

So what can I do?

A Real Free Speech One contributor’s wife has made an audio asking Americans to become more engaged and promotes ways in which everyone can have an impact. This post has been updated with episode 2, but you can listen to previous episodes as well. Her is her heartfelt messages and is about no excuses and engagement!

Listen episode 1 – “Practical ways to support Trump”:

Listen episode 2 – “Your vote counts – use your constitutional powers”:

Excellent heartfelt call to action. If she can do it, why not you? Here are two ways you can start:

CLICK HERE – Join Strike Force now!

CLICK HERE – Become a Contributor to the Real Free Speech One website!!

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Your spirit is infectious … thanks.