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Warrior’s Weekend in Texas, support our heros that defend our freedoms

Warriors Weekend

How do we support those that serve in the military for our country? They suffer physical injury and moral trauma as they fight in wars to protect us – while most of us are unaware of their efforts. If we send our soldiers to war, we also are responsible for welcoming them home and helping them heal. There are many such organizations that do just this, help our soldiers heal. Right Wire Report would like to highlight one of these organizations – Warrior’s Weekend – Texas.

Founded in 2007, Warrior’s Weekend – Texas is a non-profit, 501 (c) 3 Corporation dedicated to the support of veterans of The United States of America with an emphasis on those wounded in The Global War on Terrorism. This is accomplished through holding an annual fishing event for wounded military combat soldiers in May in Port O’Connor, Texas, as well as donations to veterans and veterans-based causes. Here are some of their past activities:

  • They strive to bring 800 combat soldiers from all over the US to their annual event. In all, they have hosted over 5,000 combat wounded heroes from Iraq and the Afghanistan wars.
  • Donated an ATV and two golf carts to BAMC in San Antonio.
  • Held a Vietnam Veteran Parade in Victoria (2012).
  • Held a Korean War veteran parade (2013).
  • Provides an annual fish fry for the troops at BAMC in San Antonio.
  • Donates to local Iraq and Afghanistan veterans in need.
  • Flag sponsorship on the Field of Honor.

You might ask, why are these things important? We live in a relatively picturesque, peaceful country where war zones are unheard of. No one can truly understand what it’s like to enter a war zone – and neither at first, many of our military combat soldiers. Though a military combat soldier always understands the possibility of being put in harm’s way, when the moment arrives, it can be traumatic and deadly. Common combat injuries include second and third-degree burns, broken bones, shrapnel wounds, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, nerve damage, paralysis, loss of sight and hearing, limb loss, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Our military combat soldiers spend months away from their families, often in harsh conditions.

When they come home, the shocking contrast of a war zone vs. a peaceful homeland makes it hard to adjust. If the returning veteran has a grave physical injury, they may face months, even years of grueling rehabilitation. Still, others ignore the returning veteran and assume that they should be able to integrate back into a peaceful society, much like a job change. In this environment, with possible combat injuries, it can result in depression and anxiety, leading to PTSD. People who suffer from PTSD often suffer from nightmares, flashbacks, difficulty sleeping and feeling emotionally numb. PTSD can not only be life-debilitating but can also lead to suicide.

According to the pentagon, 325 active duty service members committed suicide in 2018 that is almost 2 and 1/2 times more than suicides in the general population. So Warrior’s Weekend – Texas takes a few of our wounded veterans (most suffering from PTSD) under their wings, for only a few days, to restore just a little more joy in their lives and show appreciation for their service. Have a look and take a moment to remember our veterans by watching a video they have produced:

The next Warrior’s Weekend – Texas XIV will be held on May 15 – 17, 2020 – fourteenth year. The weekend is filled with a good ole South Texas welcome, with all the surrounding towns waiving on the streets, shutting down highways, waving big flags, and showing appreciation for what we all hold dear – OUR FREEDOM! The agenda:

  • Friday night, there is a fish fry, including our boat captions.
  • Saturday morning, a yummy taco and fruit breakfast as the heroes hit the water about 8:30 am on approximately 300 boats. Weigh-in is from 12:30 – 3:30 pm down at Froggies Bait Dock.
  • Sunday morning, a full-fledged breakfast at 8 am and a big SEND OFF to our heroes.

There are events throughout the year that takes a lot of manpower through volunteers that help us raise funds, increase awareness, and make sure we are showing our appreciation to our heroes.  We would love for you to get involved – email Warrior’s Weekend – Texas at Please go to the website to give your support.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Thank you! Great story and a video that brought tears to my eyes!