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Your Typical Bernie Bro, a drag queen is typical?

Estella Drag

We were on YouTube and stumbled on a video entitled – “Your Typical Bernie Bro.” It was done by a Mr. Estrella Drag, who is a self-proclaimed drag queen.

Our first thoughts were, is this what is “typical” of a Bernie Sanders supporter? We wonder what an “atypical” Bernie Supporter would be. But ok, we will give Estrella Drag a bit of slack. After all, he looks young. All young folks tend to have silly ideas. Perhaps Estrella Drag is joking. We were all young at one time. At the same time, we need to take all seriously and expose truth where ever it leads us. We use this example merely to make it a teachable moment.

Estrella Drag seems to have bought into some vision of socialism. Thinking somehow, it will be good for America. Of course, socialism is nothing more than a form of Marxism. See here the Marxist Plan to Destroy America. After reviewing this link, perhaps you can tell where Mr. Estrella Drag fits into this Marxist scheme. Will the followers be useful idiots? The point here is that Estrella Drag is merely virtue signaling to justify and normalize his atypical behavior.

But let’s get into the specific details. We took the liberty of reposting Estrella Drag transcripts from his video to see why he believes in socialism and the support of Bernie Sanders (a self-proclaimed socialist) for president in 2020. Below is his four talking points, where we give a response to them accordingly (in blue):

  1. Medicare for all that would cover every single person in this country. Response: Medicare for all will never happen, at least in its current form. Medicare for all will add between $1.3 to $3.6 trillion dollars per year to the U.S. federal budget. To be deficit-neutral, this means taxes would need to rise by about 30 to 80%. Talking points can be easily made on silly videos, but there are budgetary responsibilities at play here. 
  2. The green new deal because this planet is being destroyed causes of human beings, so we have to do something to stop climate change. Response: So Estrella Drag has bought into the climate change hysteria – see this link to show the silliness of this.
  3. Bernie is the only candidate proposing to stop every single deportation on day one and break up ice also restore Daca on the first day. Response: Basically this is an Open Borders policy. The US already has laws on the books for this, though many jurisdictions are violating these laws. Bernie would first need to pass a comprehensive immigration bill, something that 80% of American’s oppose.
  4. Political revolution Bernie has the movement and the people they’re trying to get up and fighting for democracy and for the rights as human beings. Response: First off, Estrella Drag, America is not a democracy, we are a Republic. Did we flunk Civics is High School? Furthermore, we have a Bill of Rights and other laws that guarantee human rights. Unfortunately, many on the left are eroding these rights – especially the first one, freedom of speech.

Now watch Mr. Estrella Drag in his own video make his poorly thought out support, of Bernie Sanders:

At the beginning of his video, Estrella Drag states, “I’m not like white, but I am gay.” Towards the end of the video, Estrella Drag states, “see we are the brainy bros Latino LGBT drag queens didn’t expect that huh.” Well, unfortunately, we did expect this. It was hard to tell which race Estrella Drag is with all the heavy dubious makeup. But he certainly wants us to know he is NOT white – why? Hardly sounds inclusive. Instead, it seems quite tribal. Bernie Sanders and now his newfound supporter Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, part of the “BDS antisemitic squad,” wallow in Identity [tribal] Politics.

Unlike Estrella Drag, conservatives believe ALL Americans should be included in support of a presidential candidate. This includes White, Black, Latinos, Asian descent, Men, Women, and all races, creeds, colors, and persuasions in-between. AND, if we disagree with people, we maintain our First Amendment Rights to freely critique. It’s about the diversity of ideas, not identity.

Please note that this post is not a call to do any ill will to Estrella Drag in any way, rather we support his right to free speech – and will defend it. In fact, the contrary, we hope his video goes viral, to expose the nonsense of the left of a “typical” Bernie Sanders supporter for president in 2020. Its called political debate.

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