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Attempted coup of a president, Gladiators (Trump supporters) vs Lions (Democrats)

Nothing describes better the recent impeachment hearings in the House of Representatives, than the allegory of the gladiators vs the lions of ancient Rome.

On one side, is the lions. The lions represent the Democrats with their deepstate and FAKE NEWs media actors. A formidable opponent making allegoric ravenous gashes with their claws and teeth, that attack the gladiators – via their innuendos and outright lies. On the other side, we have the gladiators. The gladiators represent the Trump team (and their supporters) doing battle with their allegoric swords of truth – dissecting the lion’s lies point by point with precision.

Now we know many of our readers are busy and can not go far into the details – but for God and country perhaps you should. Your liberties are at stake. To be clear, over the past week we have seen nothing less than an attempted coup of the United States of a duly elected president.

Impeachment Hearings Week 1

RFS1 uses this allegory and covers in detail the recent 5-day hearings with day by day reports. We also provide our assessment on who is winning in the gladiator vs lion battle. It is not just our assessment the American people also agree – see polls here and here (or view inset chart).

On a lighter note, check out this video montage of how many times the FAKE NEWs media made claims of bombshell after bombshell, and in the end nothing:

Here is the RFS1 coverage over the 5 day House impeachment hearings. We provide a summary recap below. Click on each of the headline links to go to the detailed posts which include video evidence of the attempted Trump coup:

The Impeachment Colosseum day one summary – Gladiators 1 – Lions 0 Impeach! This became the siren call of Democrats and their allies in the media on day one of the Trump Presidency. The U.S. Constitution be damned! Day one stars were Acting Ambassador to the Ukraine, Bill Taylor, and George Kent, Deputy Assistant Secretary in the European and Eurasian Bureau at the State Department. Both men had previously given clandestine testimony in the bowels of the Capitol having transcripts of said testimony under Schiff’s lock and key. Only after Republicans, took to the airways demanding transparency and pointing out the lack of due process and fairness, were those transcripts released on the eve of open hearings.

The Impeachment Colosseum Day Two Summary Gladiators – 2 Lioness – 0 The role of the Lioness (on day 2) is former United States Ambassador to the Ukraine Maria Yovanovitch, whom the President relieved of duty near the end of her term. An Obama appointee, democrats/media billed her as a superior public servant who was beyond reproach. Yovanovitch’s task was to give emotionally moving testimony to Congress, perhaps eke out a tear or two, to put a human face to the Articles of Impeachment possibly forthcoming against the President. The room was teeming with media and supporters who, on cue, broke into enthusiastic applause and rose to their feet as Yovanovitch concluded her testimony. And oh how the lioness roared!

The Impeachment Colosseum Day Three Summary – Gladiators – 3 The Lion’s: Casting call tested, Inter-agency Bureaucrats – 0 The public spectacle unfurled during day three of the democrat faux impeachment proceedings. Schiff’s, cloaked in a basement dry run, produced a witness lineup broken into sessions in the morning and late afternoon. These included the following: Jennifer Williams, a Russia adviser for Vice President Mike Pence, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a National Security Council official, Kurt Volker, the former U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine, and Tim Morrison,who briefly served as the National Security Council’s top official for Europe and Russia.

The Impeachment Colosseum Day Four Gladiators-4 / Cowardly Lion-0 (but earns participation trophy) Day four inside the Impeachment arena was a carefully crafted and orchestrated illusion. What is an illusion, and how can you distinguish between an illusion and reality? Sondland clearly stated that he was told Trump wanted nothing from Ukraine – no quid-pro-quo. Sondland gave explosive testimony saying Trump had done it!” But the cowardly Lion deserves a participation trophy for day four as his performance captivated the half who are watching the other movie.

The Impeachment Colesseum Day 5 Summary: Gladiators-5 The Lion, and his Pride-0 (wins dime store, plastic, Oscar for most feigned outrage) Could this mark the end of the Lion’s territorial majesty on display? Day five casting call: Fiona Hilla former National Security Council senior director for Europe and Russia, and David Holmes, counselor for political affairs at U.S. Embassy Ukraine. The witnesses all agree that Burisma is most likely a corrupt company, but President Trump asking for an investigation into that corruption is, for some reason, seen by them as pushing personal or “domestic” interests.

Whew, that’s a lot. In the meantime take a breather, eat some turkey, and try to avoid conflict with family this Thanksgiving Holiday. It’s a time to pull your families together in this hour of troubles. Enjoy … [sce emoji=”happy”/]

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I do find it compelling to see the impeachment circus as an attempted Coup against President Trump. The goal is to remove him using the will of the mob…not the process of law.
The left don’t care too much about the means as long as it achieves the end goal.