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The Impeachment Colesseum Day 5 Summary: Gladiators-5 The Lion, and his Pride-0 (wins dime store, plastic, Oscar for most feigned outrage)

Could this mark the end of the Lion’s territorial majesty on display?

Nunes: “Ladies and gentlemen, unless the Democrats once again scramble their kangaroo court rules, today’s hearing marks the merciful end of this spectacle in the Impeachment Committee, formerly known as the Intelligence Committee.”: “I sincerely hope the Democrats end this affair as quickly as possible so our nation can begin to heal” Let us all put away our toy cap guns and let out a collective sigh. The hunted remains free and powerful in the jungle, and the Lion must hand off to Humpty Dumpty of the Judicial Committee after recess.

The Lion’s last roar delivered in his closing statement, “This president believes he is above the law, beyond accountability, and in my view, there is nothing more dangerous than an unethical president who believes they are above the law. And I would just say to people watching here and at home, and around the world, (pauses and looks down to read the script) in the words of my great colleague (dramatic pause) bellows Schiff as he bangs the gavel, we are better than that!” Day five comes to a close, and still, there has been no evidence offered in any testimony of the president engaging in bribery, or illegal acts, and no obstruction. Six U.S./Ukraine meetings were reviewed in testimony, and each witness stated under oath that no quid pro quo was ever brought up. Why does Schiff think he can construct a straw man, and in his words and deeds act with no accountability? Does he delude himself into assuming he is above the law?

Day five casting call: Fiona Hilla former National Security Council senior director for Europe and Russia, and David Holmes, counselor for political affairs at U.S. Embassy Ukraine. Hill’s opening statement was a lecture where she chastized and set forth the narrative that partisan politics and conspiracy theory must come to an end. Declaring Russia is the threat to our elections, and any concept Ukraine was is fiction. An immigrant from the UK, Hill dripped with condescension and sour grapes. Like Yovanovitch, she felt passed over in the power seat driving her agenda and presumed Guliani, Pompeo, and Sondland as a threat to her controlling that agenda. Hill came to the hearing wanting her view that any “conspiracy theory” that Ukraine had interfered in our elections was a disinformation campaign by Russians. Mark Levin tweeted: “If Fiona Hill believes the Russians are behind a disinformation campaign against Ukraine in 2016 and has evidence, why wasn’t she a key witness during the Russia collusion investigation?”

Holmes’s opening statement was blatantly obvious written for him. He sounds like a discontented deep-state bureaucrat out to settle a score. He claims to have been seated across a table in a busy Kyiv restaurant with Ambassador Sondland on a cell phone speaking with the president. Sondland testified the speaker was off, and Holmes claims he could hear the president’s side of the conversation. What he claims to have heard, Sondland’s testimony does not support. Oddly, Holmes claims he did not hear the entire call. Holme’s ego was very much in view during his testimony and in one exchange he said , the term “Three Amigos” – a reference to Sondland, Energy Secretary Rick Perry and former Special Envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker – Holmes: “I was deeply disappointed to see that the President raised none of what I understood to be our inter-agency agreed-upon foreign policy priorities in Ukraine and instead raised the Biden/Burisma investigation and referred to the theory about Crowdstrike.”

Two exchanges sum up Hill’s and Holmes testimony:

The Preening Lion and his pride of misfits delivered their concoction of, one part presumptions and innuendos, and two-part drama mini-series with the assist of the complicit media. The ratings for viewing the “Impeachment hearings” were dismal, which plays in favor of those perpetrating this pitiful illusion on the American people. If one did not watch the testimony, and only watched sound bites and edited video compilations, one would not know what evidence or lack of evidence was presented in the hearings. Each day of the hearings, Schiff’s opening and closing statements are weaved revenge fantasy and bare no resemblance to testimony given. It has to be asked. How ignorant do the Lion, his Pride, and the media believe the American people to be? The answer is VERY Ignorant. The Lion, his Pride, and the media count on what can only be characterized as a soul-crushing fact. The contempt all three possess for the “ignorant and malleable Americans,” is palpable and on parade for all to see.

History will not be kind to the Lion, his Pride, and the gaslighting media. This has been a political exercise from day one, and any pretense of protecting National Security fell away as those of us who tuned in witnessed our National Security being put in grave risk. The entire world and its leaders got a first-row seat while unelected bureaucrats came to lecture the sitting president and put him in his place. Who did he think he was? Each gave tedious testimony on how they felt out of the loop, revealing interagency processes, and what certainly should be classified conversations between those agencies and their foreign counterparts. You see, they and their think tanks, believe they have the power, not the president to set forth Foreign policy.

Despite the U.S. Constitution being crystal clear on who is Commander and Chief and who is responsible for American Foreign Policy. Hint … It is “WE THE PEOPLE”s, duly elected president! The irony, the diplomats and NSC personnel that testified, and the Lion, the Pride, and the media screamed the loudest about interference from Russia in the 2016 election. They lectured us all that any attempts to undermine Mueller looking into interference and corruption was anti – American. Consider how much they stress how important it is to follow their objectives for Ukraine, one of which is fighting corruption, yet, when it comes to Burisma, they all believe it’s wrong to investigate corruption there. Reminder: President Trump approved the sale of 210 Javelin anti-tank missiles and 37 launchers to Ukraine in March 2018 – something the Obama administration did not do. Interagency consensus was to provide this aid at the time. But there were no congressional hearings and no whistleblower complaint against Obama for disregarding interagency consensus. Wake up already Americans you are being played.

Consider, witnesses all agree that Burisma is most likely a corrupt company, but President Trump asking for an investigation into that corruption is, for some reason, seen by them as pushing personal or “domestic” interests and not pushing one of their own extremely important policy objectives in Ukraine. But Obama teamed up with Britain and the IMF to investigate Burisma. Consider they all agreed with Trump’s actions, specifically military aid, and Javelins has strengthed Ukraine’s hand against Putin. Trump’s actions resulted in Zelensky overhauling a corrupt parliament within weeks. Yet, somehow, these same bureaucrats feared any attempt to uncover 2016 interference and corruption tied to the DNC and Hillary Clinton, as well as Obama/Biden must be stopped and attempted to undermine the president at every turn. These are the Jr. High mean girls and boys, acting out they were excluded from the lunch table while also playing gatekeeper to protect their prom Queens and Kings.

Astonishingly, each came before the American People as experts in Ukrainian policy and corruption but clueless that Ukraine’s government already indicted Ukrainians for interfering in the U.S. 2016 election. Oblivious to the origins of Steele Dossier and connection to Ukraine, and avoiding the elephant in the room. What happened to the billions of U.S. taxpayer funds the Obama Administration sent into Ukraine under the anti-corruption platform many of those testifying were responsible for implementing? Poof!

Yes, there is a huge elephant in the room, and it is not a Republican one.No, Trump is not seeking interference into the 2020 election. We have a treaty with Ukraine on rooting out corruption, and the 2016 election is the head of the rotting fish. Most recently Ukrainian members of parliament have demanded the presidents of Ukraine and the United States, Volodymyr Zelensky and Donald Trump, investigate suspicions of the legalization of $7.4 billion by the “family” of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych through the American investment fund Franklin Templeton Investments, which they said has ties to the U.S. Democratic Party (click here).

Take a breather, eat some turkey, and avoid all conflict with family this Thanksgiving Holiday. The Gladiators shall return in two weeks, and I suspect the Lion’s “REPORT” will arrive in Humpty Dumpty’s Judicial Committee just in time for The Articles Of Impeachment to be drawn up. The timing of this coincidentally aligns with the Inspector General’s FISA report. The president and his Gladiators goaded Pelosi onto this cliff, and after the close of hearings Friday, They again pushed harder for a trial to take place in the Senate. If one did not know better it is almost like Trump and his Gladiators are calling all the shots in this movie and might have an ulterior motive for wanting the country and the world watching on C-Span when he and they get full control and show ALL the evidence on ALL things in a way the media cannot bury and the coup plotters cannot deny.

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