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The Impeachment Colosseum Day Four Gladiators-4 / Cowardly Lion-0 (but earns participation trophy)

Day four inside the Impeachment arena was a carefully crafted and orchestrated illusion. What is an illusion, and how can you distinguish between an illusion and reality? According to Websters, an illusion is defined as the state or fact of being intellectually deceived or misled. An illusion is an imitation of reality, and it is not based on facts. One’s perceptions can be easily manipulated and essential to maintaining an illusion.

Illusions are either contradictions between the senses or between what is perceived and well-established truth. A contradiction cannot be true, so illusions must be false perceptions. Americans watched two movies, and one was a clear illusion. Those of us, in reality, saw unfold in real-time the statements delivered by Ambassador Sondland. Those of us stuck inside an illusion witnessed Rep. Schiff take an early recess, run to a media microphone to lie, and willfully mislead public perception.

Watch the illusion exposed :

The cowardly Lion’s expertise is not telling the truth. The illusion only works if the media maintains and amplifies the deception while ignoring entirely the contradiction in plain sight. Gordon Sondland is the US Ambassador to the European Union, and he was to be the backup star witness for the cowardly Lion once Vindman’s testimony did not deliver the goods needed to create an effective delusion. To date, Sondland has changed his testimony on three occasions, both in the closed deposition, written addendum, and public testimony. He is also the only witness to date that actually held conversations directly with the president rather than second -hand or hearsay. It should be noted that he and his family, and their businesses have visibly been protested by angry, leftists in recent weeks in an intimidation campaign.

His opening statement was leaked to media overnight, and headlines were published prior to him even arriving for the hearing, which quoted directly from his prepared remarks. Further headlines and scrolling Chyrons were written in advance to drop like “an explosion” as he read from his prepared text. The word explosion was the talking heads’ choice uniformly as they gleefully informed the public that Sondland gave explosive testimony saying Trump had done it!” Prior to the witness ever being questioned, the illusion was being formed as media laid out the narrative. Consider the following from a previous post:

  • CNN – Witness implicates Trump
  • NBC – Sondland directly implicates Trump and Pompeo in Ukraine deal
  • CBS – Sondland implicates top officials in “quid pro quo” Ukraine scheme
  • ABC – Sondland confirmed a quid pro quo, which Trump has denied
  • AP – Trump directed Ukraine quid pro quo, key witness says
  • BBC – Trump directed Ukraine pressure, US diplomat says
  • FOX – Sondland implicates top officials on Ukraine, but says he ‘never heard’ quid pro quo from Trump

Again watch the illusion exposed :

Additionally,  Vice President Pence, Secretary Pompeo, Secretary Perry all  responded immediately to headlines:

  • “The Vice President never had a conversation with Gordon Sondland about investigating the Bidens, Burisma, or the conditional release of financial aid to Ukraine based upon potential investigations. Ambassador Gordon Sondland was never alone with Vice President Pence on the September 1 trip to Poland. This alleged discussion recalled by Ambassador Sondland never happened. Multiple witnesses have testified under oath that Vice President Pence never raised Hunter Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden, Crowdstrike, Burisma, or investigations in any conversation with Ukrainians or President Zelensky before, during, or after the September 1 meeting in Poland.”
  • @SecPompeo “Gordon Sondland never told Secretary Pompeo that he believed the President was linking aid to investigations of political opponents. Any suggestion to the contrary is flat out false.”
  • “Ambassador Sondland’s testimony today misrepresented both Secretary Perry’s interaction with Rudy Giuliani and direction the Secretary received from President Trump,” the statement reads. “As previously stated, Secretary Perry spoke to Rudy Giuliani only once at the President’s request.” “At no point before, during or after that phone call did the words ‘Biden’ or ‘Burisma’ ever come up in the presence of Secretary Perry,” it continues.

Further illusion exposed :

As stated above, perceptions are essential to maintaining an illusion. Sondlad’s “assumptions” were merely perceptions he made while having a lack of understanding of the key facts associated with the Trump Administrations Foreign Policy objectives with Ukraine. He testified of no knowledge that Burisma was connected to the Bidens or that the Obama administration, along with Allies, opened an investigation into Burisma. Sondland was unaware of the NYT or Politico articles published in 2016, which addressed that the DNC has engaged corrupted Ukranian officials in interference with Trump’s 2016 election run.

Sondland seemed to be clueless to many other finer points as well, which would have elucidated his “assumptions.” He had made different contemporaneous accounts in different depositions and now had other witness testimonies to contend with. So he meandered through a loop of half statements and contradictions, hoping to avoid a possible perjury trap. However, despite mounting pressure from Schiff and others, in the end, he supported all previous witnesses before him by affirming, no bribery, no illegality, and no quid pro quo he witnessed from any action by the president. The cowardly Lion was dashed again!

The cowardly Lion did have two other witnesses on display for media consumption. David Hale, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, and Laura Cooper, a top defense department official ( Ukraine). Both testimonies were anti-climatic. Schiff hoped Cooper would add to the illusion that the dates surrounding blocked funds meant holding the aid as a quid pro quo. Cooper eventually admitted to Rep. Ratcliffe, the emails were “not necessarily” about the hold on aid. She answered, “I cannot say for certain” that the Ukrainians knew about the hold. Hale’s testimony enlightened by pointing out Aid was not only on hold for Ukraine. Hale agreed with Rep Ratcliffe that President Trump had a general skepticism of foreign aid and wanted to overhaul the way it was handled, as part of his “America First” policy. Further, he testified delays are not uncommon pointing out Lebanon, Pakistan, The Northern Triangle Countries where corruption is a grave concern.

Once again, the Gladiators weapon of transparency exposed the grand illusion … to those of us that watched the testimony. But the cowardly Lion deserves a participation trophy for day four as his performance captivated the half who are watching the other movie. This movie is, “now playing” indefinitely, it seems, and this means the illusion will remain. Day five, the participation trophy winner will trot out Fiona Hill and David Holmes to gaslight the illusion even more. One will wax on about how Russia is the real threat and conspiracy theories about Ukraine interfering in 2016 elections is dangerous to our security, and the other will yap about overhearing a phone call Sondland had with the president. Again, neither will have any substantive evidence of a quid pro quo, bribery, or any illegal acts by the president. How do I know? I know because this is all an illusion!

A safety warning to those in reality. People living in fixed illusions can become highly agitated, mentally unstable, and destructive to self and others when their frame of perceptions are challenged or exposed. So I suggest you take one hundred steps back from the curtain as it gets flung back-open wide in the weeks ahead.

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lol @ the pic of Schiff as the cowardly lion! Suits him so well. Two horns would fit just fine.
Yes, the public are getting sick of this hatefest against Trump.
We are no longer entertained!