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Is Ken Star a fool or a boldface liar – which is it?

Ken Starr

Rawstory – Former independent prosecutor Ken Starr suggested on the 20th of November 2019 that President Donald Trump’s impeachment could now be a sure thing. Following the testimony of European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland, Fox News host Bret Baier called the witness “very damning” for Trump – and Starr agreed.

Fox News contributor Ken Starr wondered aloud whether Sondland flipping on President Trump would cause GOP senators to push Trump to resign. “The real issue is the senators are watching,” Starr said. Starr goes on to suggest that a group of Senators will as he states, “… need to make a trip down to the White House.” That was a reference to the historic example set during the Nixon presidency with his famous resignation back in 1974.

Starr concluded by saying, “this obviously has been one of those bombshell days.” You can watch his dribble on Fox here:

In case you forgot Ken Starr was best known for heading an investigation of members of the Clinton administration – 20 years ago. As stated earlier, Starr is a Fox News contributor and is supposed to be providing honest and accurate analysis of the current Democratic House impeachment hearings. Fox brings on Starr because he supposedly has some credibility in affairs as impeachment.

So what does Ken Starr know that we don’t know? Nothing. He is watching the impeachment hearings and analyzing the responses and news reports, just like the readers of RFS1. So in his infinite knowledge and wisdom, the GOP is close to a moment where an elected president has cause to resign. RFS1 readers nor Trump supporters think Trump is a god. If Trump is doing something impeachable, his support would drop. Looking at the polls here and here – we don’t see this at all – instead may in fact, be rallying the Trump base. So in a sense, Starr thinks he knows better than the voting public.

To make statements like Starr has made, it leads me to two conclusions:

  1. Starr is poor at his job and has totally bought into the “Orange Man Bad” Trump Derangement Syndrome and is a fool, or
  2. A boldface liar and is a willful actor for some other deep state group fighting to overthrow Trump with media spin and FAKE NEWS.

We can not say for sure without more evidence. It is hard to get inside the minds of people. As the author of this post, I will go with “B.” I got to believe Ken Starr is not a stupid man, considering his background. On the other hand, educated people can be fools too. What do you say? Please comment below.

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