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The Impeachment Colosseum day one summary – Gladiators 1 – Lions 0

Schiff Impeachment Hearings

Impeach !

This became the siren call of Democrats and their allies in the media on day one of the Trump Presidency. Roll tape!

Start at 4:22-8:05

The President’s first term and the country has been subjected to an array of “we got him” moments. Commencing with the Russia Hoax, moving on to the Campaign Finance Violations, the Emoluments Clause, the “Fine People on Both Sides” hoax, the S ___hole countries accusation, to now the Ukraine Quid Pro Quo Call. And believe me, I left out many of the more absurd charges hurled at this President over the last three years. Like a crusade, Americans were told to believe the President was a Traitor, a Grifter, a Klansman, and now a  Watergate 2.0 Nixon.

Each hypothetical and dubious attempt went down in flames and it seems we may have reached the crescendo as the Democrats stage “Impeachment Inquiry Hearings.” Albeit no official vote on the house floor has been taken to trigger such event. Yes, there was a vote to establish rules on the process Democrats would utilize, but no person in Congress has cast a vote to open an Impeachment Inquiry. The U.S. Constitution be damned! Day one stars  Acting Ambassador to the Ukraine, Bill Taylor, and George Kent, Deputy Assistant Secretary in the European and Eurasian Bureau at the State Department. Both men had previously given clandestine testimony in the bowels of the Capitol having transcripts of said testimony under Schiff’s lock and key. Only after Republicans, took to the airways demanding transparency and pointing out the lack of due process and fairness, were those transcripts released on the eve of open hearings..

Bewildered much? Allow me to reiterate the Democrat talking points for illumination( hat/ tip James Cagney). Trump is ” a dirty rat!”  He is an existential threat to our very Democracy and thinks he is above the law. No person is above the law. Shakedown is the term bantered about. The script has Trump demanding that the newly elected leader of Ukraine dig up dirt on his political opponent in the 2020 race,  and threatening military funding if he did not comply. All this while twenty or more listened on the line as he made the call. See … it’s all dark and unconstitutional. See … National Security,  see … Do you see? Look really hard. There is the whistleblower aka CIA analyst mole with no first- hand knowledge of the conversation. The career diplomats who objected to Trump’s Foreign policy despite confirming the policy has benefited Ukraine more than the previous Administration. The military aid which actually was released to Ukraine without and quid pro quo. The Democrats and media are still questioning the validity of Trump’s released transcript of the call inferring it was edited. This despite their star witness, Alexander Vindman, testifying the transcript was accurate. What is the Impeachable offense?

Still confused? Apparently so are Congresswoman Stefanick( NY). Congressman Jim Jordan (OH), and Republican Congressman Ratcliffe( Tx).

Videos of their cross-examination are the perfect summary of Day One in the Arena. Democrats orchestrated and designed their questions to move the needle of public opinion, including Senators, which is not likely after the first day’s performances. Perhaps Day two will bring forth the “blockbuster revelations” the Democrats and Media promised and hyped. But if you ask me, I am betting all my money on the Gladiators.

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