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Gay woman claims homophobic hate speech, then commits revenge robbery

Pinknews – Picture it: You’re going about your day, shopping for groceries, when you become the victim of a hate crime from a homophobe. So somehow this gives one license to commit revenge robbery?

This hypothetical scenario became a reality for Toronto-based Alyssa (so she claims), and her way of dealing with it has divided Twitter. In the wild tale which has amazed as much as it has appalled, Alyssa, 21, allegedly stole the bag from a woman who played a role in sending her to conversion therapy camp, she claimed and used the money to pay for her rent.

Alyssa claims it has been five years since she bumped into her “hate speech attacker” in a superstore aisle. She told PinkNews that the woman “came out of nowhere” and allegedly said to her: “Oh, dear. It’s you, isn’t it?” According to Alyssa, the woman started spewing hatred, like, “I really thought the days in that camp will fix your illness” and then called me a “lesbian slut” and just started to trigger me with, “all the gays are horrible.” “I fully had a panic attack,” she continued, “I went to the washroom and cried for a full moment.”

Here is Alyssa’s admission of robbery (evidently at a Toronto Target store – would it be that hard to find the store video on this – just saying) posted on Twitter:

So before passing judgment on the story, let’s take a look at who Alyssa is from her own Twitter feed (@yourholygaymom). Here are some choice phrases from her Tweets we copied and pasted here:

  • i stole and ate sister mckenzie’s rice pudding
  • gays be like my father didn’t love me
  • me now: gay. depressed.
  • im actually an activist for lgbt rights myself.
  • be gay. do crimes.
  • I may be a dumb bitch but at least I am not straight
  • being straight is wrong
  • just remembered that there are straight people
  • there’s grown ass men in my mentions being scared of my tweets about cleansing earth of heterosexuality.
  • i don’t hate straight people. i just think they’re weird
  • heterosexuality is cancelled , be gay do crimes
  • as william shakespeare once said “be gay, do crimes”
  • my favorite sport: ending straight men
  • I refuse to acknowledge heterosexuality.
  • me after cleansing earth of heterosexuality
  • me: *sells my soul to satan*
  • straight men: that means you haven’t known the triumphs and defeats
  • a man drove by me shouting “being gay is a sin” and crashed his car a minute later
  • the 7 deadly sins-being straight
  • as william shakespeare once said, “ew heterosexuals”
  • no @piersmorgan ur not a penguin. ur a bitch
  • why are you straight?
  • … and it just keeps going.

So what can we say about Alyssa? Well, she clearly has a potty mouth, but unfortunately, many do nowadays. Alyssa regularly calls out others not like her with “hate speech” – but evidently when she receives it back its “hate speech crime,” disregarding her own. Alyssa’s language looks far worse than what she had received. Her Tweeter feed reeks of hypocrisy, relative to her own claims of a “hate crime.”

Then Alyssa calls for criminal acts towards people when she doesn’t like what people say. There is no legal definition of “hate speech” – this is not a crime (perhaps it is in Canada – if so, we would strongly oppose), as suggested by PinkNews. Nor can you justify any crime, even if someone does crime to you. Perhaps joking, we still will take her words as is, but clearly a poor moral upbringing.

One thing is clear in her Twitter feed, which is unfortunate for Alyssa, is she seems to have issues with her parents – she often speaks poorly of them. She speaks with anger and also speaks of depression. I also detect a victim mentality – she says everyone is picking on her – being a snowflake. It is like she is the only person in the world that has issues. One part of her story that could be true – evidently, she was in some type of conversion therapy, as she speaks of it often. Perhaps a bad family situation has led her to the state she is in. It goes way beyond her group identity issues – doing criminal acts takes activism to a new dangerous level.

We can not say for sure if her accusations are true, but she labels herself as an LGBTQ activist looking to make her mark. RFS1 finds her claims dubious, as no proof of the event, was ever offered – a gay Jussie Smollett? I did see a couple of posts online suggesting she was an “Actor,” looking for attention. It’s not like it hasn’t been done before – click here. It does not do anyone good for this kind of behavior, including her own identity group. Perhaps people are saying mean things to her because she is acting like a douchebag, and has nothing at all to do with her identity group. It is just an example of a breakdown of societal decency.

RFS1 reminds our readers that in no way should one become disrespectful to anyone (including Alyssa) just because you disagree with them, nor engage with any inappropriate harassment, bullying, doxing, stalking, and for sure criminal behavior. At the same time, like Alyssa, we too, are allowed to express our opinions and call out behaviors that we feel are detrimental to society. We truly hope Alyssa gets the help she needs.

Note: We apologize, upfront if we have used the wrong pronouns, we simply have not gone through the gender study courses they offer at universities today.

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