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Social media hiding whistleblower of Trump impeachment probe

Whistleblower Exposed – Facebook has said that it is deleting the name (Eric Ciaramella) of the person who has been identified by some as the whistleblower who triggered a congressional impeachment inquiry into US President Donald Trump.

The company said that mentions of the potential whistleblower’s name violate Facebook’s “coordinating harm policy,” which prohibits material that could identify a “witness, informant, or activist.” It also has come to RFS1’s attention that even the photo is being expunged from the social media platform. It has gotten some into a one week Facebook jail by posting his name.

Other sources are reporting the same. YouTube was also taking similar steps. Tweets from big-name conservative Twitter users like Candace Owens and Donald Trump, Jr. revealing the name have gone viral in recent days.

In a statement, Twitter said it prohibits the sharing of “personally identifiable information about any individual, including the alleged whistleblower.” But the company’s policy on such information does not consider a person’s name to be private information, a category that does include details such as a person’s address, contact information, or medical records.

US whistleblower laws exist to protect the identity and careers of people who bring forward accusations of wrongdoing by government officials. Lawmakers in both parties have historically backed those protections. Trump has avoided identifying the whistleblower to date but has said their identity should be revealed.

In kicks the Streisand effect – the more you hide, the more people want to know. Such a silly game. Most likely social media companies know this, but due to legal issues, go ahead and do it anyway. – is already posting their infamous  5 Fast Facts on Eric Ciaramella:

    1. Ciaramella Is a Ukraine Expert for the CIA Whose Background Matches Details About the Whistleblower Previously Reported by The New York Times.
    2. Eric Ciaramella Grew Up in Connecticut, Studied at Yale & Harvard & Worked at the World Bank.
    3. Ciaramella Was Detailed to the National Security Council at the White House in 2015 After Joining the CIA as an Analyst Focusing on Ukraine & Russia.
    4. Ciaramella Remained at the NSC During the Earlier Months of the Trump Administration & an Email Ciaramella Sent While He Was Still Assigned to NSC Was Cited in the Mueller Report.
    5. Ciaramella Was the Target of Trump Supporters in 2017 When He Was Accused of Leaking to the Media Because of His Ties to Susan Rice & the Obama Administration.

In short, Eric Ciaramella is about as Democrat deepstate as you can get. Ukraine whistleblower won’t be called to testify, says Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff. He says it is redundant. This is in fact partly true. After all, Trump has already fully disclosed communications with the Ukranian president. BUT, now that he is in on the game, people want to know how this whole whistleblower came about. We need to get him under oath and expose these games. Eric Ciaramella has got a lot of explaining to do.

The deepstate through the social media platforms are trying to change the narrative by expunging the record. They are trying to turn real news into Fake News. The social media platforms are violating our 1st Amendment rights of free speech. RFS1 says we should not allow them to do this – fight back and let it go viral and expose the truth!

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